Sandti Golden Retrievers
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Rio - Ronjalee Rock A Fella To Sandti   JW
Roxy - Ronjalee Roxy Lady For Sandti  ShCM
Lois - Messano Nelly Moser Of Teandalloch

27th Dec, Livingston Open Show
Judge, Mr A McKiernan(Bushbane)
Rio, 2nd Open.

20th Dec, Carluke & District Open Show
Judge, Mrs Lesley Harper(Glynerva)
Roxy,  1st Open + BOB +
Group 2, Judge Mrs Pat Butler-Holley (Shandwick)
Rio, 1st Limit.
Lois, 3rd AV Vintage Judge, Sue Mycroft (Supeta)

6th Dec, West Lothian Open Show
Judges :Dogs, Kierrie Kelly
Bitches, Katie Kelly
Roxy, 2nd Open Bitch
Rio, 1st Open Dog.

16th November, Berkshire Downs & Chilterns GRC Champ Show
Judges :Dogs - Mrs  C. Ashton (Willowlawn)
         Bitches - Mrs V Clarke (Ousevale)
Rio, 2nd Mid Limit Dog.
Roxy, 1st Mid Limit Bitch
  (this win qualifies Roxy out of Mid Limit).

8th November, GBAS Champ Show
Judge :Mr Borge Espeland (Norway)
Roxy, 1st Mid Limit Bitch
Rio, 2nd Mid Limit Dog.

2nd November, Waverley Gundog Open Show
Judge :Lesley Layland (Applecote)
Roxy, 1st Open Bitch & Reserve Best Bitch
Rio, 2nd Open Dog.

23rd October, Midland Counties Champ Show
Judge: Mrs Anne Falconer
Rio, VHC Limit Dog.

5th October, Scottish Breeds Open Show
Judges : Dogs, Mr John Price(Jomiagan)
Bitches, Mr Trevor Willmitt (Goldnmill)
Best in Show, Mrs I Elder.
Roxy, 1st Open Bitch & Best Bitch
***Rio, 1st Open Dog, BOB and Best In Show***

4th October, GRCS Open Show
Judge: Mrs C Maren (Ramchaine)
Lois, Reserve Veteran Bitch
Rio, 2nd Open Dog
***Roxy, 1st Open Bitch , Best Bitch and Best In Show***

28th September , Angus & Kincardinshire Open Show
Judge: Mrs Ruth Roberts (Mirkwood)
     Rio, 2nd Open

14th September, Darlington Champ Show
Judge: Mrs J Buckingham
Rio, 1st Mid Limit Dog

31st August, City Of Birmingham Champ Show
Judge: Mr R Sillence
Rio, 3rd Limit Dog

23rd August, SKC Champ Show
Judge: Mrs S Ross (Sokenlea/Rosselle)
Rio, 2nd Mid Limit Dog

 9th August, Tayside, Lochee & District Canine Club Open Show
            Judge: Mr Gordon Sutherland (Eilandon)
     Rio, 1st Open + BOB
              Lois, Best Veteran Gundog.

3rd August, National Gundog Champ Show.
Judge: Dawn Rose
Rio, 3rd Mid Limit Dog

28th July, GRC Champ Show.
Judge: Mrs Wendy Andrews (Catcombe)
Rio, VHC Mid Limit Dog.

27th July, Leeds Champ Show.
Judge: Mrs Janet Bradwell
Rio, 2nd Mid Limit Dog.

4th July, East Of England Champ Show.
Judge: Mrs Julie Seamons (Messano)
Rio, 2nd Post Graduate Dog.

21st June, Blackpool Champ Show.
Judge: Mr Jim Richardson
Roxy, 2nd Mid Limit Bitch
Rio, 1st Post Graduate Dog 

15th June, Border Union Champ Show.
Judges: Dogs - Mr  B Facq (Du Bois De  La Rayere)
Bitches - Mrs  B Athey (Ninell)
Roxy, 1st Mid Limit Bitch & CC ! (Her first)
Rio, 1st Post Graduate Dog  (this win qualifies Rio out of Post Grad).
8th June, GRCS Open Show.
Judge: - Emma Archibald (Abinvale)
Rio, 1st Limit Dog
Roxy, 2nd Open Bitch
Lois, 3rd Veteran Bitch

7th June, Dundee  Open Show.
Judge:  - Mrs Easton (Eastonwood)
Rio, 1st Limit Dog
Roxy,  1st Open Bitch & BOB +
***Group 1 - Gaye O'Connor (Caispern)***
25th May, Gundog Breeds Association Of Scotland Open Show.
Judge:  - Mr  J. Kuijpers (Fiveshill)
Rio, 1st Limit Dog
Roxy,  2nd Open Bitch

18th May, SKC Champ Show.
Judge: Dogs - Mrs  P. Trotter (Baricia)
Rio, 1st Post Graduate Dog.

4th May,  GRCN Champ Show.
Judge:  Dogs - Ms M. Neil (Moloko)
Bitches - Mrs L Maynard (Chinnordale)
Roxy, Reserve Mid Limit Bitch
Rio, 2nd Post Graduate Dog

13th April,  NWGRC Champ Show.
Judge:  Dogs - Miss S. Wood (Bresharo)
Bitches - Mrs M Woods (Amirene)
Roxy, 1st Mid Limit Bitch
Lois, Reserve Veteran Bitch
Rio, 1st Post Graduate Dog + RCC (His third!)

12th April,  GRCS Champ Show.
Judge:  Dogs - Mrs V. Clarke (Ousevale)
Bitches - Mrs V Jones (Ninell)
Rio,  3rd  Post  Graduate Dog 
Roxy, 1st Mid Limit Bitch 
6th April, Yorkshire GRC Champ Show.
Judge:  Dogs - Mr P. Drury (Bencoe)
                    Rio,  3rd  Post  Graduate Dog              
29th March, Scottish Breeds Champ Show.
Judges:  Dogs - Mrs M Woods (Amirene)
Bitches - Mrs  B Liggins (Nutsbrook) 
Rio,  HC  Post  Graduate Dog 
Roxy,  VHC  Limit Bitch 

9th March, CRUFTS
Judges:  Dogs - Mrs J L Barrow
Bitches - Mrs L Hennessy 
***Rio, 1st Post Graduate Dog ***
Roxy, 3rd Mid Limit Bitch 
Lois, Shortlisted in Veteran Bitch 

1st March, South West Scotland Gundog Open Show.
Judge: Mrs Josie Lees (Denmarella)  
Rio, 2nd Open Dog
Roxy, Reserve Open Bitch

23rd Feb, Catrine  Open Show.
Judge: Nadine Barber (Swanreach)  
Rio1st Limit & BOB +
Group 4: Judge Mrs C Moore (Gadhelic)

16th Feb, Waverley Gundog  Open Show.
Judge: Lynsey Dunbar (Linirgor)  
Rio, 2nd Limit Dog 
Roxy, 2nd Open Bitch & RBB

1st Feb, Caledonian  Open Show.
Judge: Mr John Taylor (Tannadice)  
Rio, 1st Limit Dog & RBD
Lois, Reserve Veteran Bitch.

19th Jan, Manchester Champ Show
Judge: Mrs E A Pope (Chilzer)
Rio, 2nd Post Graduate Dog

4th Jan, Bon Accord  Open Show.
Judge: Mr Frank Gilroy (Claychalk)  
Rio, 1st Limit & BOB


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